NABL* Accredited Calibration

22mm Diameter

AC Output ( need external signal conditioner)

Non-linearity as low as 0.3%

Rugged Construction

Available models upto 600mm

Upto 60°C operating temp

Standard AC LVDT

Multiple Range | Rugged | Precise | Model Series ‘AS’

These AC LVDTs are the most economically priced displacement transducers. Housed in stainless steel body, they are a combination of ruggedness and high performance.

Their applications include measurement of displacement and linear position, deflection/deformation in automated material testing machines, triaxial and consolidation testing machines for soil testing, spring testing machines and automation of textile machinery.
They can be used with many different types of signal conditioners making them very popular with many OEMs. Each transducers is supplied with its factory calibration data.

Detailed datasheet

Instruction Manual


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