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AG Measurematics designs, manufacture and Install Automated Testing Machines and Systems in multiple sectors. We have been manufacturing systems for the past 25 years. Most machines we designed are based on specific custom requirements adhering to International standards.

We are also the largest manufacturer for Displacement Sensors ( LVDT ) in India. Our offering includes a wide range of standard LVDTs and custom development. We engage heavily in Import Substitute offering solutions in Aerospace, Defense and Manufacturing Sectors.

All the Sensors and Systems are Supplied with NABL traceable calibration Certificate

Focus Products

tels 10K50 is designed and developed to test the performance of tyres under test at rated load and rated speed for a set duration of time. In endurance test tyres is run at set constant speed and load is increased on it stage-wise. In case of Load/Speed performance test a constant load is kept and speed is increased stage wise.

Machines with 1,2 or 4 stations can be supplied. Drum dia is set at standard 1705mm. Accurate speed ranges upto 350km/h can be achieved by using out proprietary software integrated in the machine. more>>
Our STMx Series Spring Testing Machines offers some of the most advanced features in Testing Machines. Features like Automatic Load Cell Detection, Multiple test speeds, Internet enable, touch screen operation and many others.

The standard application software sTest is fully customized as per a client requirements. The software add-on machine control, report generation and quick test selection features.

In case you do not find a machine as per your requirement, we can also customize one for you.
Machines for Tensile Testing and Torsion Spring Testing are also available.

Motorized or Servo-hydraulic machines with capacity upto 10,000 kgf ( 100 KN) are available.more >>
We are the largest manufacturer of LVDTs in India and Asia. We have a wide range of LVDT from ±1mm~±300mm both AC and DC variants. Our 9.5 mm LVDT is the slimmest available in India. offering unparalleled accuracy and resolution. Resolution of sub micro levels are available in conjunction of specially design low noise amplifiers. Indicators for 1,2,4,8,16,24 channel with simultaneous measurement and data recording offer high precision.

Housed in SS body, these LVDTs are rugged and cost effective. We design LVDTs for High Temperature and Aerospace application offering measurement upto 250° C

Standard AC LVDT (need external amplifier )
Standard DC LVDT ( Votltage Input & Output )
Slimline AC LVDTs ( 9.5mm dia)
ITS‐7200 is an advanced Drop Weight Impact Testing System designed and manufactured by AG Measurematics for testing many different types of specimen such as plates, films, 3‐D parts according to different international standards such as ASTM, DIN, ISO, BS etc..

The testing system comprises Test Machine Frame, Adaptors, accessories, Computerized High Speed Data Acquisition and Control System, Air Compressor, Colour LaserJet Printer and Application Software.

The drop weight can be adjusted automatically or manually so tests can be performed with desired impact velocity, impact force or impact energy.

Machines hammer weight from 50 kg to 30,000kg are manufactured and supplied. more>>


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